Sentence Examples

  • Eating Lean Cuisine occasionally when you are in a time pinch probably won't hurt you, but eating it all the time isn't going to have you glowing with the vigor of good health.
  • Bottom line: the phrase "think out of the box" isn't just bland corporate-speak, it's vital advice for adding variety and vigor to your online job search.
  • This true-to-its-name fragrance is an eye-opener: At first sniff, it's deceptively coy, but it quickly opens up to reveal a blend full of personality and vigor.
  • Ryu's village is the resting place of the Dark Dragon Blade, which is great for the "coolness" factor, but bad when the Vigor Empire comes knocking, and by knocking I mean killing everyone in the village and steals the blade.
  • Its open back and low-cut top show off skin while not detracting from the drama of the dress.You and your date might also like Vigor, a black strapless mini-dress covered in glitter.