Sentence Examples

  • Be you." to Bria's official profile proclaiming that she "sees the beauty in everything and everyone," the Moxie Girlz line tries to spread the message that girls should be proud of themselves and stay true to their dreams.
  • It exhibits the type of moxie and durability that men and women expect of their winter footwear; the shoe has even been tested in temperatures of 40 degrees below zero.
  • Their ultra-glossy material renders them daring and rock star-worthy, and it can take some serious moxie to even consider purchasing a pair, let alone wearing them!
  • With their positive focus, Moxie Girlz offer a unique alternative to Barbie and Bratz, while still providing the fashion doll fun that young girls want.
  • In addition to the four basic Moxie Girlz, the dolls are also available in a variety of styles, most focusing on a theme.