Sentence Examples

  • Some employers will not mind what color your hair is if your job location is not visible to clients or guests, or a funky hair color might be allowed to show school spirit at a dance or pep rally.
  • The opening of the movie is a spoof of a long sideline or pep rally cheer - the cheerleaders are doing versions of "roll call cheers", introducing the characters and establishing a haughty sense of pride and entitlement.
  • While it's in poor taste to 'roast' someone without their knowledge, chances are that for special events like pep rallies, you'd be likely to get some faculty members who are willing to roast themselves in good fun.
  • While it might warrant some explaining, dressing as enemies from historical tales could make for some very smart costumes - particularly if your school is able to give prizes to reward the originality of the costumes at a pep rally.
  • Is this supposed to be a pep talk?