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Another word for verve

  1. A lively, emphatic, eager quality or manner

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  2. A quality of active mental and physical forcefulness

      1. To make a brisk sharp cracking sound:
      2. To break suddenly with a brisk, sharp, cracking sound.
      3. To give way abruptly under pressure or tension:
      1. The capacity to live, grow, or develop:
      2. The characteristic, principle, or force that distinguishes living things from nonliving things.
      3. Physical or intellectual vigor; energy or liveliness.
      1. Liveliness or energy; enthusiasm.
      1. Physical or mental strength, energy, or force:
      2. The capacity for natural growth and survival, as of plants or animals.
      3. Strong feeling; enthusiasm or intensity:
      1. A naturally abundant nutrient carbohydrate, (C6 H10 O5 )n , found chiefly in the seeds, fruits, tubers, roots, and stem pith of plants, notably in corn, potatoes, wheat, and rice, and varying widely in appearance according to source but commonly prepared as a white amorphous tasteless powder.
      2. Any of various substances, such as natural starch, used to stiffen cloth, as in laundering.
      3. Foods having a high content of starch, as rice, breads, and potatoes.
      1. A tool for circular or other piercing:
      2. A tool for forcing a pin, bolt, or rivet in or out of a hole.
      3. A tool for stamping a design on a surface.
      1. To move with haste; rush:
      2. To strike violently; smash:
      3. To break or smash by striking violently:

Another word for verve

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