Sentence Examples

  • Gross international happiness is a new concept in economic thinking aimed at replacing the western paradigm of economic productivity and well-being.
  • It was a paradigm of economic productivity and well-being.
  • Finally in the late 1970s, all of these badges were categorized into five interest groups - The World of Well-Being, The World of People, The World of Today and Tomorrow, The World of the Arts, and The World of the Out-of-Doors.
  • Other indicators of fetal well-being include short term variability (STV), which constitutes changes in the FHR from one beat to another, and long term variability (LTV), which is changes in the FHR over a long period of time.
  • Developed by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, an expert in brainwave frequencies and sleep for health and well-being, this musical program is a natural sleep aid that does not involve a high cost, taking medication, or time commitment.