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Another word for weal

  1. A state of health, happiness, and prospering

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  2. A ridge or bump raised on the flesh, as by a lash or blow

      1. Any of various large marine carnivorous snails chiefly of the family Buccinidae, having a pointed spiral shell, especially the edible species Buccinum undatum of the North Atlantic Ocean.
      1. A small swelling on the skin, as from an insect bite, that usually itches or burns.
      1. A strip, as of leather or other material, stitched into a shoe between the sole and the upper.
      2. A tape or covered cord sewn into a seam as reinforcement or trimming.
      3. A ridge or bump on the skin caused by a lash or blow or sometimes by an allergic reaction.
      1. A mark raised on the skin, as by a whip; a weal or welt.
      2. One of the parallel ribs or ridges in the surface of a fabric such as corduroy.
      3. The texture or weave of such a fabric:
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