Sentence Examples

  • When the good bacteria in the intestinal flora are killed off through antibiotic use, yeast can begin to proliferate, which may develop into a rash.
  • The Marthatown's people undertake an exploration of their surrounding area, encountering a group of patriarchal polygamists not unlike the sects that still proliferate in Utah and Arizona today.
  • The Mario, Zelda, Mega Man and other franchises continued to proliferate, as well as a wide range of other hugely popular games that introduced us to Fox McCloud, Kirby, and Earthworm Jim.
  • Other strains are neutral and/or harmful, but can become seriously harmful to the body when allowed to proliferate into greater quantities that exceed the probiotic population.
  • The immature cells (blasts) proliferate rapidly and begin to accumulate in various organs and tissues, thereby affecting their normal function.