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Another word for roof

  1. The highest point

      1. The highest point; the apex or summit:
      2. The highest point of the skull.
      3. The top of the head.
      1. The uppermost part, point, surface, or end:
      2. The part farthest from a given reference point:
      3. The crown of the head:
      1. The highest point or part; the top.
      2. The highest level or degree that can be attained.
      3. The highest level, as of government officials.
      1. A tapering, projecting point; a pointed extremity:
      2. The pointed summit of a mountain.
      3. The mountain itself.
      1. The distance from the base of something to the top.
      2. Elevation above a given level, as of the sun or a star above the horizon; altitude.
      3. The condition or attribute of being relatively or sufficiently high or tall:
      1. An ornamental circlet or head covering, often made of precious metal set with jewels and worn as a symbol of sovereignty.
      2. The power, position, or empire of a monarch or of a state governed by constitutional monarchy.
      3. The monarch as head of state.
      1. A usually ornamental tuft, ridge, or similar projection on the head of a bird or other animal.
      2. An elevated, irregularly toothed ridge on the stigmas of certain flowers.
      3. A ridge or an appendage on a plant part, such as on a leaf or petal.
      1. A usually soft and close-fitting head covering, either having no brim or with a visor.
      2. A special head covering worn to indicate rank, occupation, or membership in a particular group:
      3. An academic mortarboard. Used especially in the phrase cap and gown.
      1. The highest point; the vertex:
      2. The highest level or degree that is attained.
      3. The usually pointed end of an object; the tip:
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Another word for roof

      1. A place where one lives; a residence.
      2. The physical structure within which one lives, such as a house or apartment.
      3. A dwelling place together with the family or social unit that occupies it; a household.
      1. The act of inhabiting or the state of being inhabited.
      2. A natural environment or locality.
      3. A residence.
      1. A structure serving as a dwelling for one or more persons, especially for a family.
      2. A household or family.
      3. Something, such as a burrow or shell, that serves as a shelter or habitation for a wild animal.
      1. A rooflike structure, often made of canvas or plastic, that serves as a shelter, as over a storefront, window, door, or deck.
      1. A portable shelter made of fabric or other material stretched over a supporting framework of poles and usually stabilized or secured to the ground with cords and stakes.
      2. Something resembling such a portable shelter in construction or outline:
      3. To camp in a tent.
      1. Something, especially a structure, that provides cover or protection, as from the weather:
      2. An establishment that provides temporary housing for homeless people.
      3. An establishment that cares for unwanted or stray animals and tries to find owners for them.
      1. To place something upon or over, so as to protect or conceal:
      2. To overlay or spread with something:
      3. To put a cover or covering on:
      1. The outer surface of a roof.
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