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Another word for slate

  1. A list of candidates proposed or endorsed by a political party

      1. An arrangement of persons or things in or as in a line
      2. An array or sequential display of persons or photographs of persons presented to a complainant or potential witness for the purpose of identifying a suspect in a crime.
      3. (--- Sports) A list of the players, often including their numbers and positions, who participate in a game; esp., in baseball, a list of the players in the exact order in which they will bat
      1. A label or tag, as on a piece of merchandise, giving the size, color, price, quantity, etc.
      2. An identifying or descriptive tag attached to merchandise; a label.
      3. A paper slip or card indicating that its holder has paid for or is entitled to a specified service, right, or consideration:
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  1. To enter on a schedule

      1. To set the program of (an electronic device)
      2. To design a program for; schedule the activities of.
      3. To enter or schedule in a program
      1. To plan or appoint for a certain time or date:
      2. To list or rank (a controlled substance) in a schedule.
      3. To enter on a schedule:
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Another word for slate