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Another word for register

  1. A series, as of names or words, printed or written down

      1. A list of times of departures and arrivals; a timetable:
      2. A list, catalog, or inventory of details, often as an explanatory supplement to a will, bill of sale, deed, tax form, etc.
      3. A federally regulated list of controlled substances, ranked in classes by potential for abuse.
      1. A list of military or naval personnel or groups, specif. one showing their regular assignments and periods of duty
      2. Any similar list, as the list of active players on a sports team
      1. (Bookbinding) A revolving tool used in making an impression or pattern
      2. A register; catalog
      3. A list of names for checking attendance; muster roll
      1. A considerable number; a long series:
      2. A series of names, words, or other items written, printed, or imagined one after the other:
      3. List price
      1. A book or pamphlet containing such a list
      2. A complete or extensive list
      3. A list or enumeration:
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  1. To place on a list or in a record

      1. To register or indicate:
      2. To put in writing, print, etc. for future use; draw up an account of
      3. To set down for preservation in writing or other permanent form:
      1. To station at or assign to a post
      2. To assign to a specific position or station:
      3. To announce by or as if by posters:
      1. To put into action:
      2. To put or introduce into the body of something; interpolate:
      3. To put or set into, between, or among:
      1. To become a participant, member, or part of; join:
      2. To place formally on record; submit:
      3. To write or put in:
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  2. To give a precise indication of, as on a register or scale

      1. To cause or allow to be seen; display:
      2. (Slang) To make an appearance; show up:
      3. To enter (animals, flowers, etc.) in a competitive show
      1. To record the words, sound, appearance, or performance of (someone or something):
      2. To put in writing, print, etc. for future use; draw up an account of
      3. To show, as on a dial
      1. To read something written, printed, etc., as words, music, books, etc.
      2. To receive or comprehend (a radio message, for example):
      3. To record and show; register
      1. (Imperative, marching) Alternative form of march (said to be easier to pronounce while giving a command).
      2. To give attention to; notice:
      3. To show or indicate by a mark or marks
      1. To serve as a sign, symptom, or token of; signify:
      2. To show the need for; call for; make necessary
      3. To direct attention to; point to or point out; show
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  3. To come as a realization

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Another word for register

  1. A list

      1. The department of human resources in an organization.
      2. The people employed by or active in an organization, business, or service.
      3. Persons employed in any work, enterprise, service, establishment, etc.
      1. The body of members of an organization.
      2. The total number of members in a group:
      3. (Set theory) The fact of being a member of a set.
      1. A list of military or naval personnel or groups, specif. one showing their regular assignments and periods of duty
      2. A list, especially of the names of players on a sports team or of the personnel in a military unit.
      1. A type of ledger in which visitors to a particular establishment, such as a bed and breakfast or a museum, may leave comments about the establishment.
      2. (Internet) a feature of a website performing a similar function to a physical guest book
      1. An item thus recorded
      2. An item entered in this way:
      3. The recording of an item, note, etc. in a list, journal, etc. or of data in a computer file
      1. A written account of events year by year in chronological order
      2. A descriptive account or record; a history:
      3. A periodical journal in which the records and reports of a learned field are compiled.
      1. (Bookkeeping) The book of final entry, used, in a double-entry system, for recording all debits and credits, as by transfer from a journal, according to the accounts to which they belong
      2. A book in which the monetary transactions of a business are posted in the form of debits and credits.
      3. A book to which the record of accounts is transferred as final entry from original postings.
      1. The known history of performance, activities, or achievement:
      2. (Computers) A collection of related, often adjacent items of data, treated as a unit.
      3. An account, as of information or facts, set down especially in writing as a means of preserving knowledge.
      1. An alphabetical card file, as of the books in a library
      2. A list or itemized display, as of titles, course offerings, or articles for exhibition or sale, usually including descriptive information or illustrations.
      3. A publication, such as a book or pamphlet, containing such a list or display:
      1. A quantity, as of cloth or wallpaper, rolled into a cylinder and often considered as a unit of measure.
      2. A list of names for checking attendance; muster roll
      3. A register; catalog
      1. A record; an account; a register.
      2. A book for official records.
      3. An official record or list; register
      1. A line of persons or things situated one behind another
      2. A collection of papers or published materials kept or arranged in convenient order.
      3. (Comput.) A collection of data (or, often, of logically related records) stored and dealt with as a single, named unit
  2. A heating regulator

  1. To record

  2. To indicate

  3. To show

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  4. To enlist or enroll