Sentence Examples

  • Additionally, if a school fails to make suitable progress, the law allows parents to transfer their children to higher-performing local schools, request free tutoring, or enroll the children in special academic after-school programs.
  • Although it's not too common for students to enroll at fake universities or earn worthless degrees through scam programs, there are a number of companies that present themselves as legitimate universities but offer only sham programs.
  • The client-planner relationship is key to the course of study, and students who enroll can expect to conduct networking with a variety of contacts and learn how to enable and foster successful long-term professional relationships.
  • Every parent wants to think foremost of their child's fun when it comes to summer camp, but before you enroll them in the great water park day camp forty-five minutes away, remember that you're adding that travel time every day.
  • While Josh skips school and jeopardizes his chance of graduating, Ebony is hard at work trying to finish her courses and enroll in college, all while coming to terms with the fact that her life is about to change forever.