Sentence Examples

  • If a second poll is necessary a relative majority is sufficient.
  • From 1821 to 1891 the payment of at least a poll-tax was a condition precedent to the exercise of the suffrage.
  • The hut and poll taxes yield about £62,000 a year.
  • One Gallup poll at the time said more people knew about the trial than knew the full name of the president.
  • There is no doubt but that in the Maccabean times and onward 218 was the shekel; but the use of the word darkemon by Ezra and Nehemiah, and the probabilities of their case, point to the daragmaneh, 1/60 maneh or shekel of Assyria; and the mention of 1/3 shekel by Nehemiah as poll tax nearly proves that the 129 and not 218 grains is intended, as 218 is not divisible by 3.