Sentence Examples

  • You can search the library catalog by title, author, keyword, isbn, or class.
  • Their catalog is separated into two search methods: "Products," if you have a good idea of what you're looking for without caring for a specific theme, and "Parties," if you know what kind of party you want to throw.
  • Peter, Paul and Mary - This folk singing trio might be best known for their drug metaphor song Puff The Magic Dragon, but their catalog is filled with protest songs, especially songs about the civil rights movement, and later, Vietnam.
  • Since visiting an actual brick-and-mortar purveyor of wholesale goods is not feasible for most people, the obvious option is to go online, which at least is a step up from the days when one would be forced to try and order via a catalog.
  • Not only will different keywords work in different ways (for example, the key word "top hat" changed dramatically after the British Petroleum oil lead) but the search engines themselves will change the way they catalog and rank them.