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Another word for bulletin

  1. A brief notice

  2. A published report

      1. A brief statement mentioning the main points of something:
      2. A brief statement or account covering the substance or main points; digest; abridgment; compendium
      1. A book of original entry in a double-entry system, listing all transactions and indicating the accounts to which they belong.
      2. A record of the transactions of a legislature, club, etc.
      3. A periodical presenting articles on a particular subject:
      1. A condensed but comprehensive account of a body of information; summary or synopsis, as of scientific, legal, or literary material
      2. A periodical containing literary abridgments or other condensed works.
      3. A collection of previously published material, such as articles, essays, or reports, usually in edited or condensed form.
      1. A publication that appears at fixed intervals.
      2. The primary means for communication of original scholarship or creative work at the cutting edge of research in almost all fields.
      3. A periodical publication
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