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Another word for program

  1. A document, such as a list or an outline, that gives, for example, the order of events in a public performance or the chief features of a stock offering

      1. An outline or a summary of the main points of a text, lecture, or course of study.
      2. A summary or abstract of the legal rulings contained in a published judicial case opinion.
      1. A formal summary of a proposed venture or project.
      2. A document describing the chief features of something, such as a business, an educational program, or especially a stock offering or mutual fund, for prospective buyers, investors, or participants.
      1. An itemized list or statement of fees or charges.
      2. A statement or list of particulars, such as a theater program or menu.
      3. The entertainment offered by a theater.
  2. An official or prescribed plan or course of action

      1. A manner of proceeding; a way of performing or effecting something:
      2. A series of steps taken to accomplish an end:
      3. A set of instructions that performs a specific task; a subroutine or function.
      1. A plan or course of action, as of a government, political party, or business, intended to influence and determine decisions, actions, and other matters:
      2. A course of action, guiding principle, or procedure considered expedient, prudent, or advantageous:
      3. Prudence, shrewdness, or sagacity in practical matters:
      1. A geometric figure formed by a point moving along a fixed direction and the reverse direction.
      2. A thin continuous mark, as that made by a pen, pencil, or brush applied to a surface.
      3. A similar mark cut or scratched into a surface.
  1. To enter on a schedule

      1. A fine-grained metamorphic rock that splits into thin, smooth-surfaced layers.
      2. A piece of this rock cut for use as roofing or surfacing material or as a writing surface.
      3. A writing tablet made of a similar material.
      1. A list of times of departures and arrivals; a timetable:
      2. A plan for performing work or achieving an objective, specifying the order and allotted time for each part:
      3. A printed or written list of items in tabular form:

Another word for program

  1. A list of subjects

  2. A sequence of events

  3. An entertainment

      1. The action of presenting something:
      2. The style or manner with which something is offered for consideration or display:
      3. A theatrical performance or display.
      1. To cause or allow to be seen; display:
      2. To display for sale, in exhibition, or in competition:
      3. To permit access to (a house, for example) when offering for sale or rent.
      1. The act of performing or the state of being performed.
      2. The act or style of performing a work or role before an audience.
      3. The way in which someone or something functions:
  4. A sequence of coded instructions for a computer

  1. To work out a sequence to be performed