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Another word for application

  1. The act of putting into play

      1. (American) Alternative spelling of utilisation.
      1. To put into service or employ for a purpose:
      2. To avail oneself of; practice:
      3. To conduct oneself toward; treat or handle:
      1. The act, manner, or amount of using; use:
      2. The act or manner of treating; treatment:
      3. Habitual or accepted practice:
      1. To occupy oneself in an activity for amusement or recreation:
      2. To take part in a sport or game:
      3. To participate in betting; gamble.
      1. The act or process of operating or functioning.
      2. The state of being operative or functional:
      3. A process or series of acts involved in a particular form of work:
      1. The carrying out or physical realization of something. The phrase "there are various implementations of the protocol" means that there are several software products that execute that protocol. A computer system implementation would be the installation of new hardware and system software. An information system implementation would be the installation of new databases and application programs, and the adoption of new manual procedures.
      1. The act or an instance of exerting, especially a strenuous effort.
      1. Activity that requires physical or mental exertion, especially when performed to develop or maintain fitness:
      2. A specific activity performed to develop or maintain fitness or a skill:
      3. The active use or application of something:
      1. The act of employing.
      2. The state of being employed.
      3. The work in which one is engaged; occupation.
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  2. The condition of being put to use

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  3. The giving of a medication, especially by prescribed dosage

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  4. The fact of being related to the matter at hand

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  5. Steady attention and effort, as to one's occupation

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  6. A document used in applying, as for a job

      1. The shape and structure of an object:
      2. The body or outward appearance of a person or an animal; figure:
      3. A model of the human figure or part of it used for displaying clothes.

Another word for application

  1. Use

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  2. Close attention

  3. That which is applied

  4. Putting one thing on another

  5. A request

  6. The instrument by which a request is made

      1. An itemized list or statement of fees or charges.
      2. A statement or list of particulars, such as a theater program or menu.
      3. The entertainment offered by a theater.
      1. A formal written request for something needed.
      2. A necessity; a requirement.
      3. The state or condition of being needed or put into service.
      1. The act of stating or declaring:
      2. Something stated; a declaration:
      3. A formal oral or written declaration, especially with regard to facts or claims:
      1. A document establishing the authenticity of certain details of an item, event, or transaction:
      2. A document issued to a person completing a course of study not leading to a diploma.
      3. A document certifying that a person may officially practice in certain professions.
      1. A written symbol or character representing a speech sound and being a component of an alphabet.
      2. A written symbol or character used in the graphemic representation of a word, such as the h in Thames.
      3. A written or printed communication directed to a person or organization.
      1. A material made of cellulose pulp, derived mainly from wood, rags, and certain grasses, processed into flexible sheets or rolls by deposit from an aqueous suspension, and used chiefly for writing, printing, drawing, wrapping, and covering walls.
      2. A single sheet of this material.
      3. A formal written composition intended to be published, presented, or read aloud; a scholarly essay or treatise.
      1. Devoid of writing, images, or marks:
      2. Containing no information; unrecorded or erased:
      3. Having spaces for information to be provided; not completed or filled in:
      1. A form containing a set of questions, especially one addressed to a statistically significant number of subjects as a way of gathering information for a survey.
      1. The shape and structure of an object:
      2. The body or outward appearance of a person or an animal; figure:
      3. A model of the human figure or part of it used for displaying clothes.
      1. A solemn supplication or request, especially to a superior authority; an entreaty.
      2. A formal written document requesting a right or benefit from a person or group in authority.
      3. A formal written application seeking a court's intervention and action on a matter:
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  7. Relevance