Sentence Examples

  • He liaises direct with the applicant to allocate him or her to one of the authorized show judges.
  • The applicant or another adult member of the household has a hardship, such as medical problems, disability, homelessness, pregnancy or unemployment, that may push the applicant's household income below the federal poverty level.
  • For example, even if a business owner personally feels as though having small children makes an employee more likely to miss work, this does not mean the job application can inquire as to the ages of any children the applicant has.
  • When an applicant applies for a mortgage loan it's through a mortgage lender, but oftentimes the loan is then packaged with a large number of other loans and then the entire package is sold or transferred to a mortgage servicer.
  • The underwriter may ignore any current accounts in collection if the applicant's credit history is good and if the amount owed in the accounts is not significant or the applicant will have to agree to pay the collections prior to closing.