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Another word for importance

  1. The quality or state of being important

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Another word for importance

  1. The quality of being important

      1. A meaning that is expressed or implied:
      2. Importance; consequence; moment
      3. The state or quality of being significant:
      1. (Especially when preceded by "of") Importance, value, or influence.
      2. Importance as a cause or influence
      3. The power to influence or produce an effect.
      1. Meaning; signification:
      2. Importance
      3. Importance; significance:
      1. An object used principally to exert a force by virtue of its gravitational attraction to Earth, especially:
      2. (Statistics) A constant assigned to a single item in a frequency distribution, indicative of the item's relative importance
      3. The number of pounds a horse is required to carry for a particular race, including the weight of the jockey, the saddle, and, often, added lead weights
      1. (Statistics) The expected value of a positive integer power of a random variable. The first moment of a random variable is the mean of its probability distribution.
      2. A point in time that is gratifying or noteworthy:
      3. (Physics) The product of a quantity, such as force or mass, and its perpendicular distance from a reference point.
      1. Significance; meaning
      2. The action or process of signifying:
      3. Meaning or significance, especially of a word.
      1. (Linguis.) A gradual change along a certain line of development in the various elements of a language
      2. A gradual deviation from an original course, model, method, or intention.
      3. Variation or random oscillation about a fixed setting, position, or mode of behavior.
      1. Physical power or strength exerted against a person or thing
      2. The power to control, persuade, influence, etc.; effectiveness
      3. The capacity to do work or cause physical change; energy, strength, or active power:
      1. Any of the faculties by which stimuli from outside or inside the body are received and felt, as the faculties of hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste, and equilibrium.
      2. Intellectual interpretation, as of the significance of an event or the conclusions reached by a group:
      3. Natural understanding or intelligence, especially in practical matters:
      1. In a metaphor, that term or concept that is described in a figurative way by the vehicle
      2. The general course or character of something:
      3. General course or tendency
      1. Meaning that is presented, intended, or implied; import.
      2. Meaning; tenor; sense; drift
      3. Intention; object
      1. Relevance; a relationship or connection.
      2. Direction, especially angular direction measured from one position to another using geographical or celestial reference lines.
      3. Relevant meaning; application; relation
      1. Something signified or referred to; a particular meaning of a symbol.
      2. (Logic) The class of all the particular objects to which a term refers; extension
      3. The most specific or direct meaning of a word, in contrast to its figurative or associated meanings.
      1. The central idea; the essence.
      2. (Law) The grounds for action in a suit.
      3. The essence or main point, as of an article or argument
      1. Something that produces a specific impression or supports a general design or intention:
      2. The condition or fact of being operative or in force
      3. The power to produce an outcome or achieve a result:
      1. The quality that makes one seem superior or worthy of special recognition
      2. The condition or fact of being dissimilar or distinct; difference:
      3. Excellence or eminence, as of performance, character, or reputation:
      1. The ability of a person or group to produce effects indirectly by means of power based on wealth, high position, etc.
      2. (Astrol.) The flowing of an ethereal fluid or power from the stars, affecting people's character and actions
      3. A person who exerts such power:
      1. The quality of being useful, to which extent something is useful
      1. A property that can be described by a real number, such as the volume of a sphere or the length of a vector.
      2. Greatness in significance or influence:
      3. (Astronomy) The brightness of a celestial body on a numerical scale for which brighter objects have smaller values. Differences in magnitude are based on a logarithmic scale that matches the response of the human eye to differences in brightness so that a decrease of one magnitude represents an increase in apparent brightness by a factor of 2.512.
      1. Worth in usefulness or importance to the possessor; utility or merit:
      2. That quality of a thing according to which it is thought of as being more or less desirable, useful, estimable, important, etc.; worth or the degree of worth
      3. Proportioned effect, as of light and shade, in an artistic work
      1. Special forcefulness of expression that gives importance to something singled out; stress:
      2. Special attention given to something so as to make it stand out; importance; stress; weight
      3. Force of expression, thought, feeling, action, etc.
      1. A list showing rank or order, as in achievement, resources, etc.
      2. The act, state, or position of a person or thing that stands
      3. (Law) The right or capacity of a party to assert a particular cause of action in a court of law, based on such factors as whether the party is authorized by law to sue and has sufficient stake in the outcome to ensure that the case will be properly presented.
      1. The diameter of a cylindrical body or of its hollowed interior
      2. The diameter of the bore of a firearm, usually shown in hundredths or thousandths of an inch and expressed in writing or print in terms of a decimal fraction:
      3. Degree of worth or value of a person or thing; quality or ability
      1. (Physics) The internal distribution of force per unit area within a body subject to an applied force or system of forces.
      2. A condition of metabolic or physiologic impairment in an organism, occurring usually in response to adverse events and capable of causing physical damage:
      3. The relative force of sound or emphasis given a syllable or word in accordance with a metrical pattern.
      1. One determined by the phonetic habits of the speaker's native language carried over to his or her use of another language.
      2. A mark or symbol used in the printing and writing of certain languages to indicate the vocal quality to be given to a particular letter:
      3. Particular importance or interest; emphasis:
      1. Regard for or interest in someone or something:
      2. A matter of interest or importance to one; that which relates to or affects one; affair; matter; business
      3. Interest in or regard for a person or thing
      1. The ability or power to keep the mind on something; the ability to concentrate:
      2. The act of dealing with something or someone; treatment:
      3. Acts of consideration or courtesy, especially in an effort to win someone's affection or gain sexual favors:
      1. A personal connection or involvement which might be thought to compromise one's impartiality in carrying out one's official duties
      2. A state of curiosity or concern about or attention to something:
      3. The particular cause supported by an interest group.
      1. The state or quality of being serious.
      1. Gravitation, esp. terrestrial gravitation; force that tends to draw all bodies in the earth's sphere toward the center of the earth
      2. (Physics) The natural attraction between physical bodies, especially when one of the bodies is a celestial body, such as the earth.
      3. Grave consequence; seriousness or importance:
      1. A unit equal to one percent, used to quote or state interest rates or shares in gross profits.
      2. (Finance) A standard unit of value used in quoting changes in the prices of stocks, bonds, etc.; specif., a $1 change in the price of a stock
      3. A specified degree, condition, or limit, as in a scale or course:
      1. The physical matter of which a thing consists; material
      2. A drug, chemical, or other material (such as glue) that one is dependent on or uses habitually and that is often illegal or subject to government regulation:
      3. That which is real or practical in quality or character; practical value:
      1. The property or state of being relevant or pertinent.
      1. Any of the four principal compass directions - north, south, east and west
      2. One of the four principal directions on a compass: north, south, east, or west.
      1. A substance that keeps, in concentrated form, the flavor, fragrance, or other properties of the plant, drug, food, etc. from which it is extracted; essential oil
      2. The most important part or aspect of something:
      3. The inherent, unchanging nature of a thing or class of things.
  2. Prominence

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Synonym Study

  • Significance implies an importance or momentousness because of a special meaning that may or may not be immediately apparent an event of significance
  • Weight implies an estimation of the relative importance of something his word carries great weight with us
  • Moment expresses this same idea of importance in effect with somewhat stronger force affairs of great moment
  • Consequence , often interchangeable with the preceding, more specifically suggests importance with regard to outcome or result a disagreement of no consequence or resulting from social position a woman of consequence
  • Importance , the broadest of these terms, implies greatness of worth, meaning, influence, etc. news of importance