Sentence Examples

  • All the mystic symbolism of the morning sun, especially in connexion with the doctrine of the future life, could thus be transferred to the benu, and the language of the hymns in which the Egyptians praised the luminary of dawn as he drew near 2 Some other ancient accounts may be here referred to.
  • When you travel to Minneapolis, you may enjoy a canoe ride along Lake of the Isles, jog near Lake Calhoun or ski the Luminary Loppet.
  • The book is unfinished, and treats only of the first luminary, Cicero; the others intended were apparently Seneca and Pliny.
  • 4 But for this very reason Bokhara is famed as a luminary of pure theology and spreads its influence over Turkestan, Siberia, China, Kashmir, Afghanistan, and even over India.
  • Who arrived at any correct notion of the tides, and not only indicated their connexion with the moon, but pointed out their periodical fluctuations in accordance with the phases of that luminary.