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Another word for fame

  1. Wide recognition for one's deeds

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  2. A position of exalted widely recognized importance

Another word for fame

  1. Illustrious and widespread reputation

  2. Reputation

      1. Reputation
      2. Reputation:
      3. A good reputation:
      1. A distinguished reputation:
      2. Representation or repute, as opposed to reality:
      3. A reputation:
      1. Status or role; capacity:
      2. A statement about the behavior, qualities, etc. of a person, esp. as given by a former employer; reference
      3. A person or animal portrayed with a personality in comics or animation:
      1. Esteem; regard
      2. An opinion or judgment:
      3. The amount, extent, position, size, or value reached in an estimate:
      1. The quality or condition of being notorious; ill fame.
      2. The quality or state of being notorious
      3. (Chiefly Brit.) A prominent or well-known person
      1. The state of being public, or commonly known or observed
      2. The work or business of preparing and disseminating such material
      3. Public interest, notice, or notoriety generated or gained by disseminating information through various media:
      1. Unverified information heard or received from another; rumor.
      2. (Law) evidence: an out-of-court statement offered in court for the truth of the matter asserted; normally inadmissible because not subject to cross-examination, unless the hearsay statement falls under one of the many exceptions
      3. (Law) evidence based on the reports of others rather than on personal knowledge; normally inadmissible because not made under oath
      1. A spoken or written account of an event, usually presented in detail:
      2. A formal account of the proceedings or transactions of a group:
      3. A statement or account brought in and presented, often for publication
      1. A unit of absorbed radiation dose, equal to the amount of ionizing radiation that will transfer 93 ergs of energy to 1 gram of water or living tissue.
      2. A repetition of a particular movement or action, as in weightlifting.
      3. A dosage of any ionizing radiation that will produce upon absorption in living tissues a rise in energy equal to that produced by one roentgen of X-ray or gamma-ray radiation