Sentence Examples

  • For many today, the captivating beauty and exquisite luster of pearls still evoke feelings of mystery and magic as the allure of these exquisite gems is as timeless as the treasures themselves.
  • Diamonds are the traditional gemstone for most engagement ring designs, and pairing these sparkly jewels with the rich luster of a black pearl creates an elegant statement of style and beauty.
  • Occasionally, a Tacori can be set in 18k white gold, but it is not recommended because the white luster is inferior to platinum, and the rhodium coating will eventually wear off, giving the piece a yellowish cast.
  • The sophistication, elegance and sheer luster of granite countertops is something that many in the Garden State just can't get enough of, and luckily there's no shortage of providers all throughout the state.
  • Flatware is one of the most utilized items in the home, and most flatware is composed of durable stainless steel, an alloy composed of steel, chromium and nickel for rust-resistant and luster properties.