Sentence Examples

  • During the winter months, people suffer from a variety of skin problems, including not only dry skin, but also itchiness, flakiness, dullness, chapping, and more.
  • When you are deficient in vitamins and minerals, it can manifest in your hair as dullness, weakness, slow growth, breakage, thinning and even pattern baldness.
  • Warming up properly is important, so having a few good warm up exercises to choose from can help keep dullness -- and the temptation to skimp -- at bay.
  • Its almost complete absence in some of these works makes for monotony and produces a sense of dullness, which may not be inherent in all the details of the music, but is none the less distinctly present.
  • These exhortations are directed chiefly against the dullness of spirit which hinders progressive moral insight into the genius of the New Covenant (v.