Depression Synonyms and Antonyms

Something lower than its surroundings
Period of commercial stress
  1. slump
  2. recession
  3. economic decline
  4. economic downturn
  5. unemployment
  6. slack times
  7. hard times
  8. bad times
  9. inflation
  10. crisis
  11. overproduction
  12. retrenchment
  13. slowdown
  14. economic dislocation
  15. economic paralysis
  16. great depression
  17. economic stagnation
  18. financial storm
  19. business inactivity
  20. panic
  21. crash
  22. bust
  23. black-friday
  24. stagflation
  25. economic-crisis
  1. prosperity
  2. surge
  3. good-times
  4. boom
  5. recovery
Concavity, cavity
A state of depression and anhedonia so severe as to require clinical intervention
  1. depressive-disorder
  2. clinical depression
A sunken or depressed geological formation
  1. natural depression

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