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Another word for pocket

  1. A space in an otherwise solid mass

      1. An empty space.
      2. (Games) Absence of cards of a particular suit in a dealt hand:
      3. A break or open space, as in a surface; gap
      1. The quality or state of being empty; emptiness
      2. Something, especially a remark, that is pointless or inane:
      3. An empty space; void or vacuum
      1. An indented or concave surface or area.
      2. A small, sheltered valley
      3. A cavity, gap, or space:
      1. (Sports) The small pit lined with a cup into which a golf ball must be hit.
      2. A fault or flaw:
      3. An opening or perforation:
      1. (Electronics) A space enclosed by metal and with a rodlike projection in the center, used as a resonator, as with a magnetron to produce electromagnetic waves, esp. microwaves
      2. A hollow area within the body:
      3. A hollow; a hole.
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Another word for pocket

  1. A cavity

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  2. A pouch sewed into a garment

      1. A detachable compartment on a spacecraft for carrying personnel or instrumentation.
      2. A small group of animals, esp. of seals or whales
      3. A dry fruit or seed vessel developed from a single carpel enclosing one or more seeds and usually splitting along two sutures at maturity, as a legume
      1. A pouchlike part in a plant or animal, esp. one filled with fluid
      2. A pouch or pouchlike structure in an organism, sometimes filled with fluid.
      3. A bag or pouch inside a plant or animal that typically contains a fluid.
      1. (Slang) A wallet or purse
      2. A poke bonnet, or its projecting front brim
      3. A sack; a bag.
      1. A small bag or sack for carrying something, as in one's pocket
      2. A leather bag or case for carrying powder or small-arms ammunition.
      3. (Anatomy) A pocketlike space in the body:
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