Sentence Examples

  • In both genera, as in the okapi, there is a vacuity in front of the orbit.
  • A preorbital vacuity of such dimensions as to exclude the lachrymal bone from articulation with the nasal.
  • Adherents of the Yoga philosophy and the system of ascetic practices enjoined by it with the view of mental abstraction and the supposed attainment of superhuman powers - practices which, when not merely pretended, but rigidly carried out, are only too apt to produce vacuity of mind and wild fits of frenzy.
  • In the skull the gland-pit is shallow, and the vacuity of moderate size; the nasal bones are well developed, and much expanded at the upper end.
  • The squamosal bone is large and either in contact with the frontals and parietals or separated from them by a vacuity; the orbit is sometimes roofed over by bone.