Sentence Examples

  • As more and more people haul laptops and other heavy items on a regular basis, however, one major consideration familiar to anyone who carries a briefcase or handbag, is what not to pack.
  • You'll find that if you dress the part, have everything completed, a list of questions prepared and documents to back up your claims such as business plans, sales forecasts and the like, in a professional-looking briefcase, not a gym bag.
  • When preparing for a number of management interviews, you bat around the idea of carrying a briefcase into your potential boss' office; since briefcases are professional, they boast organization, and they make you look darned responsible.
  • It's a fact of living in the United States that most everyone carries around a checkbook, but many people simply place their checkbooks into a briefcase or ill-fitting wallet, causing the checks to become wrinkled and torn.
  • The cream is also available in a small five-ounce tube size that is easy to stash in your handbag, briefcase, office desk drawer, or anywhere else to use for instant hand or body moisturizing.