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Another word for folder

  1. A folded sheet of printed matter

      1. A printed advertisement, directive, or notice intended for mass distribution.
      2. An advertisement, letter, etc., usually prepared in quantities for extensive circulation
      1. Something published in this form, usually on some topic of current interest
      2. A short essay or treatise, usually on a current topic, published without a binding.
      3. A small, thin, unbound book made up of sheets of paper stapled or stitched together and usually having a paper cover
      1. Short-term debt instruments, especially commercial paper.
      2. A wrapper made of paper, often with its contents:
      3. A single piece or sheet of paper
      1. A freely distributed letter or pamphlet on routine matters.
      1. A newspaper having pages of standard dimensions (as opposed to a tabloid), especially one that carries serious treatment of news.
      2. The standard newspaper page, about 14 in by 23 in, with columns running down the full sheet
      3. (Chiefly Brit.) A newspaper using such a page size, generally regarded as having more serious and in-depth content than a tabloid does
      1. A vigorous or abusive attack in words, esp. in a newspaper
      2. A large sheet of paper usually printed on one side.
      3. A large sheet of paper printed on both sides, as with advertising, and often folded
      1. A brief update or summary of current news, as on television or radio or in a newspaper.
      2. A brief report, especially an official statement on a matter of public interest issued for immediate publication or broadcast.
      3. A short printed publication, especially one produced by an organization
      1. A recommendation of a particular product, service or person.
      2. A public notice or announcement, usually paid for, as of things for sale, needs, etc.
      3. (Marketing) A commercial solicitation designed to sell some commodity, service or similar.
      1. A document, money, etc. enclosed as with a letter
      2. (Historical) In England, the gradual process by which communal land was divided into privately owned parcels enclosed by hedges and fences
      3. Something enclosed:
      1. One that stuffs.
      2. Something, as a piece of advertising, inserted in an envelope along with a bill, statement, paycheck, etc.
      3. A flier, insert, or enclosure, often serving as an advertisement or announcement, that is mailed with a bill or other item.
      1. A pamphlet, esp. one advertising or promoting something
      2. A small booklet or pamphlet, often containing promotional material or product information.
      1. A child or teenager who has been rejected, ejected, or abandoned by parents or guardians and lives on the streets.
      2. A remark made or delivered casually
      3. Anything designed or intended to be discarded after use; specif., a leaflet or handbill
  2. A light, flexible case

      1. A paper or cardboard wrapper used to enclose small, flat items, especially letters, for mailing.
      2. A bag containing the lifting gas of a balloon or airship; fabric that encloses the gas-bags of an airship.
      3. A folded paper container as for a letter, usually with a gummed flap for sealing
      1. Something that is used to bind things together, often referring to the mechanism that accomplishes this for a book.
      2. (Law) A down payment on a piece of real property that secures the payor the right to purchase the property from the payee upon an agreement of terms.
      3. A detachable cover with rings or clamps for holding sheets of paper together
      1. A group of investments held by an investor, investment company, or financial institution.
      2. The materials collected in such a case, especially when representative of a person's work:
      3. A flat, portable case, usually of leather, for carrying loose sheets of paper, manuscripts, and drawings; briefcase
      1. A loose garment that is wrapped around the body; esp., a woman's dressing gown or baby's robe
      2. The material, such as paper, in which something is wrapped:
      3. The paper wrapping in which a newspaper, magazine, etc. is enclosed for mailing
      1. The material, as paper, in which something is wrapped
      1. (Biology) An enveloping tubular structure, such as the base of a grass leaf that surrounds the stem or the tissue that encloses a muscle or nerve fiber.
      2. A usually close-fitting case or covering for a blade, as of a sword.
      3. A contoured holder for the blade of a knife, sword, etc.
      1. A small baglike attachment forming part of a garment and used to carry small articles, as a flat pouch sewn inside a pair of pants or a piece of material sewn on its sides and bottom to the outside of a shirt.
      2. Financial means; money supply:
      3. (Sports) A racing position in which a contestant has no room to pass a group of contestants immediately to his or her front or side.