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Another word for enclosure

  1. An area partially or entirely enclosed by walls or buildings

      1. A hall or court at the center or entrance of a building, usually rising through more than one story or all the stories and having a skylight or glass on one side and the roof
      2. The central court or main room of an ancient Roman house
      3. (Architecture) A rectangular court, as:
      1. The final part or conclusion; end
      2. A conclusion; a finish:
      3. (Archaic) A fight at close quarters.
      1. A short street, often closed at one end
      2. A surname​ for someone who worked or lived in a court.
      3. An ecclesiastical court.
      1. An area, open to the sky, partially or wholly surrounded by walls or buildings
      2. An open space surrounded by walls or buildings, adjoining or within a building such as a large house or housing complex.
      1. Something having four identifiable or prominent parts or members.
      2. A unit of energy equal to one quadrillion Btu
      3. A piece of type metal lower than the face of the type, used for spacing, to fill blank lines, etc.
      1. An area, as of a college campus, surrounded on its four sides by buildings
      2. The area of land charted on each of the atlas sheets published by the U.S. Geological Survey
      3. The area of land shown on one atlas sheet charted by the US Geological Survey.
      1. A plot of grass adjacent to a building, house, etc.
      2. The space or grounds surrounding or surrounded by a building or group of buildings
      3. A tract of ground next to, surrounding, or surrounded by a building or buildings.
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Another word for enclosure

  1. A space enclosed

      1. (Historical) A heavy quill or feather trimmed to a split point, used for writing with ink
      2. An instrument for writing regarded as a means of expression:
      3. An instrument for writing or drawing with ink or similar fluid, especially:
      1. Any foul or filthy place
      2. A small, inflamed swelling of a sebaceous gland on the rim of an eyelid
      3. Inflammation of one or more sebaceous glands of an eyelid.
      1. (Slang, former) One hundred dollars or, sometimes, one thousand dollars
      2. The space or grounds surrounding or surrounded by a building or group of buildings
      3. A tract of ground, often enclosed, used for a specific business or activity.
      1. Detention in a jail.
      2. A building for the confinement of people who are awaiting trial or who have been convicted of minor offenses
      3. A place of detention, especially for persons who are accused of committing a crime and have not been released on bail or for persons who are serving short sentences after conviction of a misdemeanor.
      1. Grounds laid out with flowers, trees, and ornamental shrubs and used for recreation or display:
      2. A place outdoors for public enjoyment, planted with trees, flowers, etc., and sometimes having special displays of plants, a zoo, a duck pond, etc.
      3. A piece of ground, usually close to a house, for growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, ornamental shrubs or trees, etc.
      1. A defensive area made by drawing up covered wagons to form an enclosing circle
      2. A circle of wagons, either for the purpose of trapping livestock, or for defense.
      3. An enclosure for livestock, especially a circular one.
      1. Any openwork structure or frame, as some elevator cars
      2. A box or enclosed structure made of wires, bars, etc., for confining birds or animals
      3. A structure for confining birds or animals, enclosed on at least one side by a grating of wires or bars that lets in air and light.
      1. (Obs.) A sanctuary, as a temple, where criminals, debtors, etc. were safe from arrest
      2. An institution for the care of people, especially those with physical or mental impairments, who require organized supervision or assistance.
      3. The protection given by a sanctuary or refuge or by one country to refugees from another country
      1. A container, as on a boat, in which fish are kept.
      2. An enclosure in which animals, especially farm animals, are kept.
      3. The part of a canal between two locks, and therefore at the same water level.
      1. (Archaic) An open drain or sewer; gutter
      2. An establishment where dogs are bred, trained, or boarded.
      3. A pack of dogs, especially hounds.
      1. (--- Sports) A particular type of passage down a hill or across country experienced by an athlete, such as a skier or bobsledder:
      2. Unrestricted freedom or use of an area:
      3. (Football) A player's act of carrying the ball, usually for a specified distance:
      1. An area in or near a town designed and usually zoned for a certain purpose:
      2. An area set aside for a particular commercial use
      3. A position in an automatic transmission that disengages the gears and sets the brake so the vehicle cannot move:
      1. A place or scene where forces contend or events unfold:
      2. A building containing such an area
      3. A central area used for entertainment or sports events and usually surrounded by seats
      1. (Brit.) An area in a town closed to motor traffic, as for shopping
      2. A place or enclosure marked off by definite limits, such as walls:
      3. Any limited area, as of thought
      1. (Linguistics) A word that consists either of two or more elements that are independent words, such as loudspeaker, self-portrait, or high school, or of specially modified combining forms of words, such as Greek philosophia, from philo-, “loving,” and sophia, “wisdom.”
      2. A group of buildings situated close together, eg. for a school or block of offices
      3. A building or buildings, especially a residence or group of residences, set off and enclosed by a barrier.
      1. A secret, usually evil, project or scheme; conspiracy
      2. A ground plan, as for a building; a diagram.
      3. A small area of ground marked off for some special use
      1. (Law) A person or body of persons that presides over the hearing of cases; a judge or panel of judges.
      2. (US) An abbreviated term of respect for any court ("the Court").
      3. A short street, often closed at one end
      1. An open space surrounded by walls or buildings, adjoining or within a building such as a large house or housing complex.
      2. An area, open to the sky, partially or wholly surrounded by walls or buildings
      1. A rectangular area surrounded on all four sides by buildings.
      2. The area of land charted on each of the atlas sheets published by the U.S. Geological Survey
      3. The area of land shown on one atlas sheet charted by the US Geological Survey.
      1. An enclosed place, especially land surrounding or beside a cathedral or other building.
      2. (Archaic) A fight at close quarters.
      3. A conclusion; a finish:
      1. Life in a monastery or convent.
      2. A place, especially a monastery or convent, devoted to religious seclusion.
      3. An arched way or covered walk along the inside wall or walls of a monastery, convent, church, or college building, with a columned opening along one side leading to a courtyard or garden
      1. (Comput.) A number of instructions added to a program that has already been translated into machine language, as to correct an error
      2. A piece of material applied to cover or mend a hole or tear or to strengthen a weak spot
      3. A small plot or piece of land, especially one that produces or is used for growing specific vegetation:
      1. The gait of a human or other biped in which the feet are lifted alternately with one part of a foot always on the ground.
      2. A distance walked, often in terms of the time required
      3. The gait of a quadruped in which at least two feet are always touching the ground, especially the gait of a horse in which the feet touch the ground in the four-beat sequence of near hind foot, near forefoot, off hind foot, off forefoot.
      1. A large enclosure for holding birds in confinement.
      2. A large cage or building for keeping many birds
      1. Alternative spelling of co-op.
      2. A cramped or uncomfortably confined space.
      3. A small cage, pen, or building as for poultry
      1. A pen or coop for small animals, especially rabbits.
      2. A cabinet with open shelves, designed to rest upon a low cupboard, dresser, etc.
      3. A cupboard with drawers for storage and usually open shelves on top, often used for dishes.
      1. A part that has been folded over or against another:
      2. A group of people or institutions bound together by common beliefs and aims.
      3. A line or mark made by folding; a crease:
      1. A secluded room for study or relaxation.
      2. A small, localized unit of Cub Scouts
      3. A small, cozy room in a house, where a person can be alone to read, work, etc.
      1. A small enclosed cavity or space, such as a compartment in a honeycomb or within a plant ovary or an area bordered by veins in an insect's wing.
      2. (Biol.) A very small, complex unit of protoplasm, usually with a nucleus, cytoplasm, and an enclosing membrane: all plants and animals are made up of one or more cells that usually combine to form various tissues
      3. (Architecture) The smallest organizational unit of a clandestine group or movement, such as a banned political movement or a terrorist group. A cell's leader is often the only person who knows members of the organization outside the cell.
      1. A donjon.
      2. A dark underground cell, vault, or prison
      3. A dark, often underground chamber used to confine prisoners.
      1. A room or space, such as a cellar or storeroom, with arched walls and ceiling, especially when underground.
      2. A piece of gymnastic equipment with an upholstered body used especially for vaulting.
      3. An arched structure, usually of masonry or concrete, serving to cover a space.
      1. The action of moving slowly on the hands or knees or dragging the body along the ground.
      2. (Swimming) A stroke in which one lies prone, with the face in the water except when turned briefly sideward for breathing, and uses alternate overarm strokes and a flutter kick
      3. A set of letters or figures that move across, up, or down a movie or television screen, usually giving information, such as film credits or weather alerts.
      1. An enclosure for livestock.
      2. A traditional South African village, typically of huts surrounded by a stockade
      3. A rural village, typically consisting of huts surrounded by a stockade.
      1. In Australia, an enclosed piece of land
      2. A small field or enclosure near a stable, in which horses are exercised
      3. A fenced area, usually near a stable, used chiefly for grazing horses.
      1. An enclosed, usually circular area in which exhibitions, sports, or contests take place:
      2. A small circular band, generally made of precious metal and often set with jewels, worn on the finger.
      3. A circular band used for carrying, holding, or containing something:
      1. A defensive barrier made of strong posts or timbers driven upright side by side into the ground.
      2. An enclosure protected by a wall of wooden posts
      3. A similar fenced or enclosed area, especially one used for protection.
      1. Any building or group of buildings crowded like a rabbit warren
      2. A space or limited area in which rabbits breed or are numerous
      3. A mazelike place where one may easily become lost:
      1. A place or situation characterized by extremely harsh conditions.
      2. A camp in which political dissidents, members of minority ethnic groups, etc. are confined
      3. A camp where persons are confined, usually without hearings and typically under harsh conditions, often as a result of their membership in a group the government has identified as suspect.
      1. The medieval dominions of the English in Ireland. Used with the.
      2. (Bot.) A chaffy bract or scale; esp., a bract at the base of a floret of a composite flower
      3. A stake or pointed stick; a picket.
      1. Any section of a city in which many members of some minority group live, or to which they are restricted as by economic pressure or social discrimination
      2. In certain European cities, a section to which Jews were formerly restricted
      3. A usually poor section of a city inhabited primarily by people of the same race, religion, or social background, often because of discrimination.
      1. A place or condition of confinement or restriction:
      2. The state or condition of being confined, restricted, or limited in any way
      3. A building, usually with cells, where convicted criminals, esp. those serving longer sentences, are confined
      1. A large, usually open structure for sports events with tiered seating for spectators.
      2. A straight track for footraces, typically one stadium in length, with tiers of seats for spectators on each side
      3. A course on which foot races were held in ancient Greece, usually semicircular and having tiers of seats for spectators.
      1. The wooden ball rolled at the target ball, or jack, in the game of lawn bowling: it is weighted or shaped to give it a bias when rolling
      2. A deep, rounded container or dish, open at the top
      3. A hemispherical vessel, wider than it is deep, used for holding food or fluids.
      1. (Place, proper) Colosseum
      2. A large building or stadium for sports events, exhibitions, etc.
  2. Something inserted