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Another word for stadium

      1. An oval or circular structure having tiers of seats rising gradually outward from a central open space or arena.
      2. A level area surrounded by upward sloping ground.
      3. An upper, sloping gallery with seats for spectators, as in a theater or operating room.
      1. Land, typically a beach, bordering a body of water.
      2. To drive or run (a boat, for example) ashore or aground.
      3. To cause (a whale or other sea animal) to be unable to swim free from a beach or from shallow water.
      1. A room or building equipped for indoor sports.
      2. An academic high school in some central European countries, especially Germany, that prepares students for the university.
      1. A park or stadium in which ball games are played.
      2. The approximately proper range, as of possibilities or alternatives:
      3. Of, relating to, or used in a park or stadium:
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