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Another word for fence

  1. To confine within a limited area.

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  2. To separate with or as if with a wall

      1. An upright structure of masonry, wood, plaster, or other building material serving to enclose, divide, or protect an area, especially a vertical construction forming an inner partition or exterior siding of a building.
      2. A continuous structure of masonry or other material forming a rampart and built for defensive purposes.
      3. A structure of stonework, cement, or other material built to retain a flow of water.
      1. The act or process of dividing something into parts.
      2. The state of being so divided.
      3. Something that divides or separates, as a wall dividing one room or cubicle from another.
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Another word for fence

  1. That which surrounds an enclosure

  2. Material to make an enclosure

  3. A receiver of stolen goods

  1. To enclose with a fence

      1. An enclosure for confining livestock.
      2. An enclosure formed by a circle of wagons for defense against attack during an encampment.
      3. To drive into and hold in a corral.
      1. To form a circle around; surround:
      2. To move or go around completely; make a circuit of:
      1. To extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle:
      2. To enclose or confine on all sides so as to bar escape or outside communication:
      3. Something, such as fencing or a border, that surrounds:
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  2. To avoid giving a direct reply

      1. To step aside:
      2. To dodge an issue or a responsibility.
      3. To step out of the way of.
      1. To avoid (a blow, for example) by moving or shifting quickly aside.
      2. To evade (an obligation, for example) by cunning, trickery, or deceit:
      3. To blunt or reduce the intensity of (a section of a photograph) by shading during the printing process.
      1. To deflect or ward off (a fencing thrust, for example).
      2. To deflect, evade, or avoid:
      3. To deflect or ward off a thrust or blow.
      1. A row of closely planted shrubs or low-growing trees forming a fence or boundary.
      2. A line of people or objects forming a barrier:
      3. A means of protection or defense, especially against financial loss:
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