Sentence Examples

  • Some special events, such as obtaining Mew in the original Pokémon game, were possible only with the Action Replay device.
  • If the milk has not come in and kittens can't nurse, you will see them try to suckle but then they will mew instead.
  • For fifty-six seconds this languid feline duo proceeds to mew quietly back and forth as if engaged in the world's most tired conversation.
  • Donna Matthews left the band in 1999, but Holland returned to the group, along with new guitarist Paul Jones and keyboardists Mew and Dave Bush.
  • And imitative sounds to represent the cat's mew, the click of a trigger, the clap or thud of a blow, &c. The total result of this combination of gesture and significant sound will be a general system of expression, imperfect but serviceable, and naturally intelligible to all mankind without distinction of race.