Sentence Examples

  • Naturally nothing more was heard of the partition of Portugal.
  • This led to the second partition (1793), by which Russia obtained the eastern provinces with three millions of inhabitants.
  • This partition is termed the specification of the separation.
  • When Frederic the Great gained West Prussia by the first partition of Poland (1772), he was uniting together once more the dominions of the Order, sundered since 1466; and it is the kings of Prussia who have inherited the Order's task of maintaining German influence on the banks of the Vistula.
  • Again war all but broke out; but, through the intervention of France, a treaty of partition was signed at Constantinople on the 23rd of June 1724, whereby the shores of the Caspian from the junction of the Kur and the Arras (Araxes) northwards should belong to Russia, while the western provinces of Persia should fall to the share of Turkey.