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Another word for attach

  1. To join one thing to another

      1. To bring about; effect:
      2. (Naut.) To stop working
      3. To get hold or possession of; obtain; acquire
      1. To provide with an abiding emotional attachment:
      2. To hold (a ship, etc.) in place by cables or chains attached as to a pier or special buoy (mooring buoy), or by two anchors
      3. To secure or fix firmly.
      1. (--- Informal) To take revenge upon (someone); get even with.
      2. To put into a stable or unalterable form:
      3. To restore to proper condition or working order; repair:
      1. To hold, fix, or direct (the attention, gaze, etc.) steadily on something
      2. To take a firm hold (on or upon); seize; cling
      3. To join (one thing to another); attach; connect
      1. To form pairs; join.
      2. (Elec.) To join (two or more circuits) by a common magnetic or electric field or by direct connection
      3. To come together; unite
      1. To join to or by means of a communications circuit:
      2. To join or fasten (two things together, or one thing with or to another); link; couple
      3. To establish a rapport or relationship; relate:
      1. To enunciate with clarity and precision:
      2. To cut, cut off, or cut out with or as if with shears:
      3. To fasten with or as if with a clip; hold tightly.
      1. To impute; attribute:
      2. To place at the end; append:
      3. To secure to something; attach:
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  2. To add as a supplement or an appendix

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Another word for attach

  1. To join

      1. To join or unite (something) to something else so as to increase the quantity, number, size, etc. or change the total effect
      2. To join or combine (numbers) through addition:
      3. To constitute an addition:
      1. To fix to; attach:
      2. To add as a supplement or appendix:
      3. To attach or affix; add as a supplement or appendix
      1. To establish a rapport or relationship; relate:
      2. To join or fasten (two things together, or one thing with or to another); link; couple
      3. To show or think of as related; associate
  2. To seize; especially, to seize legally

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  3. To attribute

      1. To regard as belonging to or produced by a specified agent, place, or time:
      2. To assign (something) to a supposed cause; impute; attribute
      3. To regard as arising from a specified cause or source:
      1. To relate (something, usually something bad) to a particular cause or source; place the fault or responsibility for:
      2. (Theol.) To ascribe (the goodness or guilt of one person) to another as well
      3. To assign as a characteristic; credit:
      1. To join together; connect; combine
      2. To join in or form a league, union, or association:
      3. To connect or involve with a cause, group, or partner:
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  4. To assign

      1. To assign to a particular duty:
      2. To choose for a particular task
      3. To clean (an automotive vehicle) inside and outside, with meticulous attention to details, usually for a fee
      1. To give a name to:
      2. To identify by the right name
      3. To designate, mention, or refer to by name
      1. To set (a date, place, etc.); decide upon officially; decree
      2. (Law) To direct the disposition of (property) to a person or persons in exercise of a power granted for this purpose by a preceding deed.
      3. To name or select officially for an office, position, etc.