Sentence Examples

  • In an interview for Playgirl magazine, done over a decade ago, Duchovny addressed the rampant rumor that he was addicted to the more carnal pleasures in life with an emphatic "I am not a sex addict."
  • One family member or friend may initiate the idea of an intervention, but if there is not significant buy-in from the rest of the addict or alcoholic's support system, the intervention may not work.
  • However, having this brain disease does not absolve the addict of responsibility for his or her behavior, but it does explain why many addicts cannot stop using drugs by sheer force of will alone.
  • Trailer Addict is always a source of the latest movie trailers, and of course that's also where you'll find a feature trailer for the movie in addition to a long thread of commentary from fans.
  • The game combines all of the intricacies of the mobster mythos - families, big bosses, wars, missions - with a game play that is easy enough to occupy both the casual user and the game addict.