Sentence Examples

  • In an interview for Playgirl magazine, done over a decade ago, Duchovny addressed the rampant rumor that he was addicted to the more carnal pleasures in life with an emphatic "I am not a sex addict."
  • However, if the family and friends of the alcoholic or addict are able to organize themselves beforehand and follow a few simple intervention tips, it can calm the participants and increase the chance of holding a successful intervention.
  • The main goal of the session is to break through self-denial barriers and diversion that family victims have been practicing, and to make the addict aware of the impact their addiction is having on their loved ones and significant others.
  • Damon had appeared in eleven other films before winning his first Oscar, but it was his role as a heroin addict veteran in 1996's Courage Under Fire that won him the respect and admiration of many powerhouse actors.
  • Denton has played Mike Delfino since the show's inaugural season, during which time the character became a victim of a hit and run, suffered from amnesia, became a drug addict, gotten married, and became a father.