Sentence Examples

  • The main goal of the session is to break through self-denial barriers and diversion that family victims have been practicing, and to make the addict aware of the impact their addiction is having on their loved ones and significant others.
  • One theory holds that a particular nerve pathway in the brain (dubbed the "mesolimbic reward pathway") holds certain chemical characteristics which can increase the likelihood that substance use will ultimately lead to substance addiction.
  • Because many counselors are former addicts themselves, most programs at addiction facilities require anywhere from two to five years of abstinence before allowing them into the series of classes required for them to become certified.
  • The good news is that many individuals are eventually able to break their smoking habit - usually these are people who have a good plan, support, and resources that have been proven successful in the fight against cigarette addiction.
  • Xander sat, and Gerry poured them both coffee, aware of his addiction for the bitter human drink.