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Another word for hound

  1. To trouble persistently from or as if from all sides

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  2. To torment with persistent insult or ridicule

      1. To annoy or harass persistently; pester; nag
      2. To ask or nag (someone) about something in an annoying and persistent way; pester:
      1. To put food, etc. on (a hook or trap) to lure animals or fish
      2. (Archaic) To feed (animals) during a break in a journey
      3. To entice or provoke, especially by trickery or strategy:
      1. To mistreat or intimidate by bullying.
      2. (Informal, Dial.) To bully, intimidate, or browbeat
      3. To taunt someone
      1. To comb (flax or hemp) with a hatchel.
      2. To annoy or harass (a speaker) by interrupting with questions or taunts
      3. To try to embarrass and annoy (someone speaking or performing in public) by questions, gibes, or objections; badger.
      1. To browbeat; bully
      2. (Intransitive) To behave like a bully; swagger.
      3. To intimidate or dominate in a blustering way.
      1. To reproach in a mocking, insulting, or contemptuous manner:
      2. To make fun of (someone); to goad (a person) into responding, often in an aggressive manner.
      3. To drive or provoke (a person) by taunting
      1. To prick, pierce, or stitch with a needle.
      2. To sew or do similar work with a needle.
      3. To sew, puncture, etc. with a needle
      1. To sit on or in and control so as to move along
      2. To move by way of an intangible force or impetus; move as if on water:
      3. To work or move from the proper place, especially on the body:

Another word for hound

  1. A dog

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  2. A fan

      1. A person extremely devoted to religion; zealot
      2. A person strongly devoted to something or someone
      3. One who is ardently devoted to something; an enthusiast or advocate:
      1. A person marked or motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause.
      2. A person whose extreme zeal, piety, etc. goes beyond what is reasonable; zealot
      1. An enthusiastic supporter or follower:
      2. A fan who follows a rock group around on tours.
      3. A young female fan of a rock group; a person who seeks intimacy (most often physical, sometimes emotional) with a famous person, usually a rock band member.
      1. To annoy or harass persistently; pester; nag
      2. To ask or nag (someone) about something in an annoying and persistent way; pester:
      1. To trouble by repeated raids or attacks, etc.; harry
      2. To subject (another) to hostile or prejudicial remarks or actions; pressure or intimidate.
      3. To trouble, worry, or torment, as with cares, debts, repeated questions or demands, etc.
      1. To take action regarding (something), especially with the intention of sustained effort:
      2. To carry further; advance:
      3. To continue to torment or afflict; haunt: