Sentence Examples

  • These fans are labeled 'griefers' by some, because they love to taunt a fan base or because they love to see how far they can take the Internet 'whisper' game.
  • In other words, hold your hair taunt with one hand, while using the other to maneuver the head of the blow dryer so that the air blows down the shaft, no up.
  • Hidden Conversations: Continually use the "down" taunt with the right character at the right stage and he will participate in a conversation mid-battle.
  • Demons used Mary's face to taunt the boys and Dean had to go back in time to try and prevent Mary from making a deal with Azazel that would lead to her death.
  • A's taunts build throughout the first season, including a letter that breaks up Aria's parents, a taunt on her cell phone that drives away Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding), Rosewood's newest English teacher and Aria's would-be lover.