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Another word for razz

  1. Any of various derisive sounds of disapproval

      1. Marijuana.
      2. A sound uttered to show contempt, scorn, or disapproval.
      3. (Informal) Any sound or word:
      1. A harsh or shrill call or whistle expressing derision or disapproval.
      2. A shrill shout or whistle expressing derision or disapproval, as of a speaker, actor, etc.
      3. A shout or whistle expressing dislike, especially from a crowd or audience; a jeer, a boo.
      1. An expression of disapproval made to sound like the noise of a snake.
      2. An expression of disapproval, contempt, or dissatisfaction conveyed by use of this sound.
      3. A high-pitched sound made by a snake, cat, escaping steam, etc.
      1. (Informal) A very amusing person, thing, event, etc.
      2. (US, slang) A fun event or person. (See hootenanny)
      3. A sound suggesting the cry of an owl, especially the sound of a horn.
      1. A small game bird
      2. Such an animal, especially a chicken or turkey, used as food:
      3. Discharge from employment:
      1. (Slang) raspberry
      2. A loud sound expressing disapproval; a raspberry.
      1. Any of various shrubby, usually prickly plants of the genus Rubus of the rose family that bear edible fruit, especially R. idaeus of eastern North America and Eurasia.
      2. (Slang) A sound of derision, contempt, etc. made by expelling air forcibly so as to vibrate the tongue between the lips
      3. The small, juicy, edible, aggregate fruit of various brambles (genus Rubus) of the rose family, consisting of a cluster of red, purple, or black drupelets
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  1. To tease or mock good-humoredly

      1. To joke about; to ridicule (a trait, habit, etc.).
      2. (Intransitive) To play or do something amusing.
      3. (Intransitive) To engage in banter or playful conversation.
      1. To engage in playful teasing.
      2. To make fun of in a good-natured way; tease:
      3. To tease or ridicule in a good-natured way
      1. To bring to a specified condition by joking
      2. To say or write as a joke.
      3. To say or do something as a joke; jest
      1. To tease (someone) good-humoredly:
      2. To make or exchange good-humored jokes; banter.
      3. To ridicule in a good-humored way; tease jokingly
      1. To engage in teasing or good-humored fooling:
      2. To deceive (oneself), especially by allowing one's desires to cloud one's judgment:
      3. To deceive in fun; fool:
      1. To provide, form, or strengthen with a rib or ribs
      2. (Informal) To tease or make fun of:
      3. To put ribs in; mark with ribs
      1. To move by way of an intangible force or impetus; move as if on water:
      2. To work or move from the proper place, especially on the body:
      3. To continue without interference:
      1. (US) Alternative spelling of jibe.
      2. To talk or chat:
      3. To speak to (someone) in an exaggerated, teasing, or misleading way.
      1. To tease or taunt (someone).
      2. (Sports) In ice hockey, to maintain possession of (the puck) by outmaneuvering opposing players, especially so as to kill a penalty.
      3. To criticize or complain about (something).
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