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Another word for bother

  1. To trouble the nerves or peace of mind of, especially by repeated vexations

  2. To impair or destroy the composure of

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  1. Something that annoys

  2. The feeling of being annoyed

  3. Needless trouble

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Another word for bother

  1. Trouble or worry

      1. A state of uneasiness and apprehension, as about future uncertainties.
      2. A cause of anxiety:
      3. A state of apprehension, uncertainty, and fear resulting from the anticipation of a realistic or fantasized threatening event or situation, often impairing physical and psychological functioning.
      1. The state or quality of being inconvenient.
      2. Something inconvenient.
      3. To cause inconvenience to; trouble:
      1. Needlessly nervous or useless activity; commotion:
      2. A state of excessive and unwarranted concern over an unimportant matter:
      3. An objection; a protest:
      1. The condition of being vexed; annoyance:
      2. A source of irritation or annoyance:
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  2. A cause of trouble or worry

      1. A concerned or troubled state of mind, as that arising from serious responsibility; worry.
      2. An object or source of worry, attention, or solicitude:
      3. Interest, regard, or liking:
      1. To have to do with or relate to:
      2. To be of interest or importance to:
      3. To engage the attention of; involve:
      1. A question to be considered, solved, or answered:
      2. A situation, matter, or person that is hard to deal with or understand:
      3. A personal matter that causes one difficulty or needs to be dealt with:
      1. One that is inconvenient, annoying, or vexatious; a bother:
      2. A use of property or course of conduct that interferes with the legal rights of others by causing damage, annoyance, or inconvenience.
  1. To give trouble

  2. To be disturbing