Sentence Examples

  • My only gripe with the space battles is that there is no training at all to prepare you for it.
  • If you played the other games and your only real gripe was that even after beating the game, you had no clue as to what was happening, this game does seem to divulge the most story to date for the average player.
  • If you played Molyneux's last game, Black & White, you shouldn't be surprised that my only real technical gripe comes from all of the glitches they left in this game when they put it on the shelves.
  • He might complain and gripe a bit when he sees you in three-inch heels when you are only going out to the movies, but secretly he'll feel proud that he snagged such a great catch!
  • One gripe that I do have is that while the video game renders are highly detailed, each player seems to have a strange glow or "aura" about them.