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Another word for whine

  1. To cry with soft, intermittent, often plaintive sounds

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  2. To express negative feelings, especially of dissatisfaction or resentment

Another word for whine

      1. To complain.
      2. (Slang) To complain or protest
      1. (Informal) To complain naggingly or petulantly; grumble.
      2. To feel sharp pains in the bowels
      3. (Informal) To irritate; annoy:
      1. To make a formal accusation or bring a formal charge; file a complaint.
      2. To find fault; declare annoyance
      3. To claim or express pain, displeasure, etc.
      1. To fret or complain in a whining, tearful manner
      2. To complain or whine tearfully.
      3. To cry and sniffle
      1. To mutter or mumble in discontent; complain in a surly or peevish manner
      2. To express in a grumbling discontented manner:
      3. (Intransitive) To complain; to murmur or mutter with discontent; to make ill-natured complaints in a low voice and a surly manner.
      1. To make a low, continuous, indistinct sound or succession of sounds.
      2. To say in a murmur
      3. To say in a low indistinct voice; utter indistinctly:
      1. To bewail or bemoan:
      2. To complain, lament, grieve, etc.
      3. To say with a moan
      1. To cry weakly, like a baby; whimper or whine
      2. To cry weakly with a soft, high-pitched sound; to whimper; to whine.
      3. To cry weakly; whimper.
      1. To utter a characteristic sound or call. Used of an animal.
      2. To shed tears, especially as a result of strong emotion such as grief, sorrow, pain, or joy.
      3. (Archaic) To beg for; implore:
      1. To make a continuous low dull humming sound:
      2. To live in idleness; loaf
      3. To pass or act in a monotonous way.
      1. To complain.
      2. To utter or say with a whimper
      3. To cry or sob with soft intermittent sounds; whine.
      1. (Sports) To call (a player or coach) for a rules infraction by blowing a whistle
      2. To move, pass, go, etc. with a high, shrill sound, as the wind
      3. To produce a clear, shrill, sharp musical sound by passing air over or through an opening:
      1. To emit the continuous droning sound of a bee on the wing; buzz.
      2. To produce a tune without opening the lips or forming words.
      3. To emit a continuous low droning sound like that of the speech sound (m) when prolonged.
      1. To use song or verse in description, praise, etc.
      2. To produce musical sounds or notes with the voice, esp. in a connected series, as in giving voice to a song
      3. (Music) To produce the musical sound of: