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Another word for sing

  1. To utter words or sounds in musical tones

      1. A melody, especially a simple and easily remembered one.
      2. A song.
      3. The state of being in correct pitch:
      1. To produce by using the vocal organs:
      2. To give voice to; articulate:
      3. To mark (a vowelless Hebrew text, for example) with vowel points.
      1. A series of syllables or words that are sung on or intoned to the same note or a limited range of notes.
      2. A canticle or prayer sung or intoned in this manner.
      3. A monotonous rhythmic call or shout, as of a slogan:
      1. A song of praise or joy, especially for Christmas.
      2. An old round dance often accompanied by singing.
      3. To sing in a loud, joyous manner.
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  2. To give incriminating information about others, especially to the authorities

      1. A backless and armless single seat supported on legs or a pedestal.
      2. A low bench or support for the feet or knees in sitting or kneeling, as a footrest.
      3. A toilet seat; a commode.
      1. To give forth a loud shrill cry or sound.
      2. To turn informer; betray an accomplice or secret.
      3. To utter or produce with a squeal.
      1. To act as an informer:
      2. To steal (something, usually something of little value); pilfer:
      3. An informer.
      1. Any of various long-tailed rodents resembling mice but larger, especially one of the genus Rattus.
      2. Any of various animals similar to one of these long-tailed rodents.
      3. A despicable person, especially one who betrays or informs upon associates.
      1. A contemptible person.
      2. An informer.
      3. A hired strikebreaker.
      1. The end of a pointed or projecting object.
      2. A piece or an attachment, such as a cap or ferrule, meant to be fitted to the end of something else:
      3. To furnish with a tip.
      1. To reveal the plans or activities of another, especially ones that are secret or improper:
      2. To chatter; prate.
      3. To reveal (something about someone) to another, as through gossiping.
      1. To exchange thoughts or opinions in spoken or sign language; converse:
      2. To utter or pronounce words:
      3. To imitate the sounds of human speech:
      1. To impart information to; make aware of something:
      2. To acquaint (oneself) with knowledge of a subject.
      3. To give form or character to; imbue with a quality or an essence:

Another word for sing

  1. To produce vocal music

  2. To produce a sound suggestive of singing

      1. The soft vibrant sound made by a cat.
      2. A sound similar to that made by a cat:
      3. To make or utter a soft vibrant sound:
      1. To make a loud, prolonged, or reverberating sound:
      2. To be filled with sound; reverberate:
      3. To be talked about, celebrated, or extolled:
      1. To make a low droning or vibrating sound like that of a bee.
      2. To talk, often excitedly, in low tones.
      3. To be abuzz; hum:
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  3. To write poetry

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