Compass Synonyms and Antonyms

kŭmpəs, kŏm-
A line around a closed figure or area
  1. range
  2. scope
  3. ambit
  4. orbit
  5. reach
  6. magnetic-compass
  7. mariner-s-compass
  8. direction finder
  9. extension
  10. direction guide
  11. extent
  12. surveyor's compass
  13. earth inductor
  14. purview
  15. sun compass
  16. induction compass
  17. gyrocompass
  18. realm
  19. cardinal-points
  20. radio compass
  21. sphere
  22. needle
  23. sweep
  24. swing
  25. dipstick
  26. gradiometer
To encircle with or as if with a band
To perceive directly with the intellect
An enclosing line or boundary; a circumference:
  1. circumference
  2. octant
Range or scope, as of understanding, perception, or authority:
  1. range

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