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Another word for extension

  1. The act of making something longer or the condition of being made longer

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  2. The act of increasing in dimensions, scope, or inclusiveness

      1. An act of enlarging or the state of being enlarged.
      2. A reproduction, as of a photograph, on a larger scale
      3. Something that has been enlarged, especially a photographic reproduction or a copy larger than the original print or negative.
      1. A period of increased economic or business activity.
      2. That which is expanded; expanse; extended surface.
      3. (Mathematics) A quantity written in an extended form, such as in a sum or product of terms.
      1. The extent to which something is spread or can be spread
      2. The extent or limit to which something is or can be spread:
      3. The act or process of spreading:
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  3. An area within which something or someone exists, acts, or has influence or power

      1. (Archaic) An external boundary; a circuit.
      2. Sphere or scope, as of influence.
      3. The limits or scope; bounds
      1. A device used to determine geographic direction, usually consisting of a magnetic needle or needles horizontally mounted or suspended and free to pivot until aligned with the earth's magnetic field.
      2. Range or scope, as of understanding, perception, or authority:
      3. Full extent or range; reach; scope; specif., range of tones, as of a voice
      1. An extensive space or area:
      2. Range or limits of anything; scope; coverage
      3. The range, magnitude, or distance over which a thing extends:
      1. The path followed by a celestial body or artificial satellite as it revolves around another body due to the force of gravity. Orbits are nearly elliptical or circular in shape and are very closely approximated by Kepler's laws of planetary motion.
      2. The sphere of influence, as of a nation
      3. The range or extent of one's experience or activity
      1. (Law) The body or main part of a statute, as distinguished from its preamble.
      2. Range of sight or understanding
      3. The extent or range of activity, function, power, or competence; scope.
      1. The opportunity or freedom to wander or explore:
      2. The area or sphere in which an activity takes place:
      3. The maximum extent or distance limiting operation, action, or effectiveness, as of a sound, radio signal, instrument, firearm, or aircraft:
      1. A continuous, uninterrupted extent or stretch
      2. The distance or extent covered in stretching, obtaining, influencing, etc.
      3. Range or scope of influence or effect:
      1. (Ecol.) Any of the primary biogeographic regions of the earth
      2. An area or sphere, as of knowledge or activity:
      3. A region; sphere; area
      1. The range or extent of action, inquiry, etc., or of an activity, concept, etc.
      2. The extent of the mind's grasp; range of perception or understanding
      3. The range of one's perceptions, thoughts, or actions:
      1. Any round body or figure having the surface equally distant from the center at all points; globe; ball
      2. A range or extent of knowledge, interest, or activity:
      3. A place, range, or extent of knowledge, experience, influence, etc.
      1. Range or scope:
      2. Range or scope
      3. Extent or range; stretch; reach
      1. A regular movement up or down, as in stock prices.
      2. The course, development, or movement of some activity, business, etc.
      3. (Politics) In an election, the increase or decrease in the number of votes for opposition parties compared with votes for the incumbent party.
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  4. A part added to a main structure

      1. A nearby building used as an addition to the main building
      2. A building added on to a larger one or an auxiliary building situated near a main one.
      3. A wing added to a building
      1. A weapon, especially a firearm:
      2. A support for the arm on a chair, sofa, etc.
      3. An upper limb of the human body, connecting the hand and wrist to the shoulder.
      1. A flat of theatrical scenery projecting onto the stage from the side.
      2. The section of an army, fleet, etc. to the right (or left) of the center
      3. (--- Baseball) A pitcher's throwing arm
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Another word for extension

  1. The action of continuing

  2. The quality of extending

      1. The full period or length of a contest or game:
      2. The length of a race, especially of a horserace.
      3. (Painting) The depicting of distance, as in a landscape
      1. A piece of material measured along its smaller dimension or its crosswise grain, especially a piece of fabric measured from selvage to selvage.
      2. The size of something in terms of how wide it is; distance from side to side
      3. (Cricket) The horizontal distance between a batsman and the ball as it passes him.
      1. Character, value, or status with reference to relative importance or the capacity to meet given requirements:
      2. The actual state of affairs:
      3. Relative amount or number, as of population or contents:
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  3. Something added

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