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Another word for projection

  1. A part that protrudes or extends outward

      1. The condition of being protuberant.
      2. Something, such as a bulge, knob, or swelling, that protrudes.
      3. The condition or fact of being protuberant
      1. A protruding part or thing
      2. A protruding or being protruded
      3. Something that protrudes.
      1. (Nautical) The part of a bow or stern that projects over the water.
      2. An excess of money in circulation, relative to the amount of goods and services available for purchase
      3. (Archit.) A projection of one part of a structure over another
      1. A decorative bow of ribbon, fabric, or braid.
      2. A feeling of tightness:
      3. An ornamental bow of ribbon or twist of braid; cockade; epaulet
      1. A rounded protuberance.
      2. A similar device which is turned to control operations of electronic or electrical equipment, as a radio or TV receiver
      3. A handle, usually round, of a door, drawer, etc.
      1. A part that juts
      2. Something that sticks out
      3. The act or condition of jutting:
      1. An outward swelling; protuberance
      2. A sudden, usually temporary increase in number or quantity:
      3. (Informal) A sudden increase in size, value, etc.
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  2. The act of predicting

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Another word for projection

  1. Bulge

      1. The metal flange surrounding the wheel of an automotive vehicle, on which the tire is mounted
      2. An edge, border, or margin, esp. of something circular; often, a raised or projecting edge or border
      3. The outer, circular part of a wheel
      1. Any raised line or raised narrow strip, as in corded fabric, plowed land, etc.
      2. A long, narrow, or crested part of the body:
      3. The horizontal line formed by the juncture of two sloping planes, especially the line formed by the surfaces at the top of a roof.
      1. Something, such as a ledge or an offset, that resembles a step of a stairway.
      2. A very short distance:
      3. A degree in progress or a grade or rank in a scale:
      1. The condition of being protuberant.
      2. The condition or fact of being protuberant
      3. A part or thing that protrudes; projection; bulge; swelling
      1. Something that protrudes; a projection:
      2. The act or condition of jutting:
      3. A part that juts
      1. (Astron.) Any of the luminous clouds of solar gas arching from the chromosphere into the much hotter corona: best seen at the edge of the sun, as during an eclipse
      2. Something prominent, especially an area of land raised above its surroundings.
      3. (Astronomy) A tonguelike cloud of luminous gas rising from the sun's surface, visible as part of the corona during a total solar eclipse.
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  2. Forecast

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Synonym Study

  • Bulge suggests an outward swelling of a kind that may result from internal pressure the bulge in the can resulted from the fermentation of its contents
  • Protuberance suggests a swelling out, usually in rounded form the tumor on his arm formed a protuberance
  • Protrusion suggests a thrusting or pushing out that is of an abnormal or disfiguring nature protrusion of the eyeballs
  • Projection implies a jutting out abruptly beyond the rest of the surface the projection of the eaves beyond the sides of a house