A movement of the foot
One degree in a graded rise
  1. rest
  2. run
  3. tread
  4. round
  5. rung
  6. level
  7. in agreement with
  8. coinciding with
  9. similar to
  10. agree to
  11. agree with
  12. conform to
  13. keep in line
  14. inappropriate
  15. incorrect
  16. tone
  17. gradation
  18. inaccurate
  19. do something
  20. start
  21. intervene
  22. be-careful
  23. take precautions
  24. look out
  25. whole-tone
  26. whole-step
An action, especially a first action
To move rhythmically to music, using patterns of steps or gestures
  1. dance
  2. foot
  3. hoof
A short distance
  1. stone's throw
Treat badly
A sequence of foot movements that make up a particular dance
  1. dance step
  1. plantigrade

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