Sentence Examples

  • The British continued to intervene in the inter-tribal disputes.
  • Narses declined to intervene, Padua was powerless to enforce its claims and Venice established a virtual independence of the mainland.
  • The resistance offered by Greece was feeble in the extreme: Europe was obliged to intervene, and Turkey gained a rectification of frontier and a war indemnity of £4,000,000, besides the curtailment by the treaty eventually signed of many privileges hitherto enjoyed by Hellenic subjects in Turkey.
  • In 1861 and in 1864 Fazy failed to secure his re-election to the conseil d'etat, riots followed his defeat, and the Federal troops were forced to intervene so as to restore order.
  • If he unwillingly refused to intervene in favour of Marshal Ney, it was because he believed that so conspicuous an example of treason could not safely be allowed to go unpunished.