Sentence Examples

  • On its recall the little settlement was taken possession of by Dutch emigrants from the Cape, who had defeated the Zulu king Dingaan, and who the year before at the upper end of the bay had formed an encampment, Kangela (look-out), the present Congella.
  • But while he was sailing to Flanders his ship was intercepted by some London vessels, which were on the look-out for him, and he was deliberately murdered.
  • But it makes some difference to the future of a democratic state whether its leading men are eagerly on the look-out for something to revolutionize, or approach a constitutional change by the gradual processes of conviction and conversion.
  • Keep a sharp look-out for cold snaps, as they come very unexpectedly in November, and many plants are lost thereby.
  • Strabo mentions the existence here of a look-out tower for the shoals of tunny-fish.