Sentence Examples

  • The physical properties of the alcohols exhibit a gradation with the increase of molecular weight.
  • The meaning of this singular contrast between the two animals may be that we have here an instance of an interesting gradation in evolution.
  • 3 In some cases a piece of land is only an island at high water, and by imperceptible gradation the form passes into a peninsula.
  • They are soft and lustrous, with a peculiarly smooth feel, and though often confounded with mica-schists may be distinguished by their richness in magnesia; many of them contain tremolite or actinolite; others have residual grains of olivine or augite; and here also every gradation can be found between the unmodified igneous types and the perfectly metamorphic schists.
  • From this there is a more or less nearly complete gradation on the one hand to palecoloured forms like the white-footed fox (V.