Shade Synonyms and Antonyms

Lack of light
A degree of color
An obstruction to light
A slight variation between nearly identical entities
  1. gradation
  2. nuance
To intercept direct rays
  1. screen
  2. shadow
  3. shelter
  4. cast a shadow over
  5. overshadow
  6. eclipse
  1. open
To become darker
  1. grow dark
  2. grow black
  3. shave
  4. become dark
  5. grow dim
  6. blacken
  7. turn to twilight
  8. deepen into night
  9. become gloomy
  10. be overcast
  11. grow dusky
  12. cloud-up
  13. cloud-over
  14. overcloud
  15. grow shadowy
  16. trim
*To win by a narrow margin
  1. barely win
  2. win by a hairbreadth
  3. nose out
A slight difference or variation; a nuance:
  1. nuance
  1. adumbral
  2. bosky
  3. penumbral
  4. shady
  5. tenebrous
  6. umbrageous
  7. umbriferous

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